The Angel Tree in the lobby of VAR’s Glen Allen building.

The end of the year is a season of miracles. It’s a time for celebration — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the winter solstice, when the days finally start getting longer.

But it’s not always a time of joy for everyone. There are many among us for whom the season is a reminder of the things they don’t have.

VAR is working with the Salvation Army to help at least some of those people. The Army has what it calls Angel Trees. On each tree hang small cards with the name of a child (or in some cases even adults), something he or she needs, and something he or she wishes for.

They aren’t asking for much: coats, mittens, stuffed animals, crayons, pajamas… small things, but important things.

We urge you to reach out to your local Salvation Army office — there’s a list below — and ask about its Angel Tree. There are many of them, and many children who can use your help. Or if you’re in the Richmond area, come to the VAR office and take a card from our Angel Tree. As an organization, it’s an opportunity to give back to our communities during this season of miracles.

Salvation Army locations in Virginia