Election 2013: Congratulations…and a look to the future

Last night, voters in Virginia elected a new governor, Terry McAuliffe, lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam, attorney general and House of Delegates. (As of this morning, the attorney general’s race remains too close to call.)

The Virginia Association of REALTORS® congratulates all the winners.

“Housing has and will continue to play a pivotal role in our economic recovery,” said VAR CEO Terrie Suit. “We have already begun looking for opportunities to work with everyone elected last night, Democrats and Republicans, to make sure we continue a pro-housing environment across the commonwealth.”

Making that happen takes dedication and hard work from everyone involved, be it from the National Association of REALTORS®, the Virginia Association of REALTORS®, or your own local association in your hometown. We are looking forward to working with all of our elected officials to ensure that they continue to support you, your clients and your business.

By doing so, we can serve as an example for the rest of the nation.

* * *

Here are the winners in the races for the House of Delegates.

You can see details by clicking here for the state Board of Elections results website.

Several races are still too close to call and could end with a recount. We have chosen not to include those in this list:

District 1: Kilgore, Terry*
District 2: Futrell, Michael
District 3: Morefield, Will*
District 4: Chafin, A. Benton
District 5: O’Quinn, Israel*
District 6: Campbell, Jeffrey
District 7: Rush, Nick*
District 8: Habeeb, Gregory*
District 9: Poindexter, Charles*
District 10: Minchew, J. Randy*
District 11: Ware, Onzlee*
District 12: Yost, Joseph*
District 13: Marshall, Bob*
District 14: Marshall, Danny*
District 15: Gilbert, C. Todd*
District 16: Adams, Les
District 17: Head, Christopher*
District 18: Webert, Michael*
District 19: Austin, Terry
District 20: Bell, Dickie*
District 21: Villanueva, Ron*
District 22: Byron, Kathy*
District 23: Garrett, T. Scott*
District 24: Cline, Ben*
District 25: Landes, Steve*
District 26: Wilt, Tony*
District 27: Robinson, Roxann*
District 28: Howell, William*
District 29: Berg, Mark
District 30: Scott, Edward*
District 31: Lingamfelter, Scott*
District 32: Greason, Tag*
District 33: LaRock, Dave
District 35: Keam, Mark*
District 36: Plum, Ken*
District 37: Bulova, David*
District 38: Kory, Kaye*
District 39: Watts, Vivian*
District 40: Hugo, Tim*
District 41: Filler-Corn, Eileen*
District 42: Albo, David*
District 43: Sickles, Mark*
District 44: Surovell, Scott*
District 45: Krupicka, Rob*
District 46: Herring, Charniele*
District 47: Hope, Patrick*
District 48: Brink, Robert*
District 49: Lopez, Alfonso*
District 50: Miller, Jackson*
District 51: Anderson, Richard*
District 52: Torian, Luke*
District 53: Simon, Marcus
District 54: Orrock, Bobby*
District 55: Fowler, Buddy
District 56: Farrell, Peter*
District 57: Toscano, David*
District 58: Bell, Robert*
District 59: Fariss, Matt*
District 60: Edmunds, James*
District 61: Wright, Thomas*
District 62: Ingram, Riley*
District 63: Dance, Rosalyn*
District 64: Morris, Rick*
District 65: Ware, Lee*
District 66: Cox, Kirk*
District 67: LeMunyon, Jim*
District 68: Loupassi, Manoli*
District 69: Carr, Betsy*
District 70: McQuinn, Delores*
District 71: McClellan, Jennifer*
District 72: Massie, Jimmie*
District 73: O’Bannon, John*
District 74: Morrissey, Joseph*
District 75: Tyler, Roslyn*
District 76: Jones, Chris*
District 77: Spruill, Lionell*
District 78: Leftwich, Jay
District 79: Joannou, Johnny*
District 80: James, Matthew*
District 81: Knight, Barry*
District 82: DeSteph, Bill
District 83: Stolle, Chris*
District 84: Davis, Glenn
District 85: Taylor, Scott
District 88: Cole, Mark*
District 89: Hester, Daun*
District 90: Howell, Algie*
District 91: Helsel, Gordon*
District 92: Ward, Jeion*
District 93: Mason, Monty
District 94: Yancey, David*
District 95: BaCote, Mamye*
District 96: Pogge, Brenda*
District 97: Peace, Christopher*
District 98: Hodges, Keith*
District 99: Ransone, Margaret*
District 100: Lewis, Lynwood*


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