Brad Boland featured in Washington Business Journal

VAR 2014 President Brad Boland was featured in this week’s “In the Spotlight” from the Washington Business Journal, which interviews business leaders from the D.C. metro area.

Here are a few of the things Brad shared — but click here to read the whole interview:

On business advice: “In my view, all advice is good advice, however, it could easily turn bad depending upon how you act on it. We all need guidance in our professional careers, yet what we do with it usually determines our level of success.”

On the best lesson he’s ever learned from a mentor: “Live in the moment because you can never change what is in the past, and you can only control what you are doing right now. I realize that this is a bit cliché but it is so appropriate in everything we do in our daily lives.”

On his most unhealthy habit: “Without a doubt, I could sit down, or stand up for that matter, and devour a single pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream without ever putting the lid back on. Gone just like that.”

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