Local association leadership meeting is packed

VAR’s Local Association Leadership Conference drew hundreds of Realtor leaders from across Virginia — including volunteers and local association executives. The goal of the two-day conference is simple: help association leaders do the best they can for their members.

Or, as keynote speaker Roger Turcotte put it, “Providing our members what they need to professionally and ethically serve their clients.”

If it takes a little longer to get in touch with your association executive today, he or she might be here; here’s a picture:

Keynote speaker Roger Turcotte speaks to Realtor® leaders in Charlottesville.



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  1. Matthew Rathbun says:

    You know what would be worthwhile from these meetings is a summary post a year later of all the things local Associations changed as a result of the leadership, mid-year and annual meetings and how it benefitted the member.

    I don’t think enough members understand what goes on at the meetings and how they are benefited from them.

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