Terry McAuliffe to speak at VAR’s Get Active conference

Virginia Terry McAuliffeGovernor Terry McAuliffe has confirmed that he will be a special guest speaker at Get Active — VAR’s legislative advocacy conference — from 2:30 to 3:30 on Wednesday, February 12. McAuliffe’s talk will follow REALTOR® Day on the Hill, where VAR members from across the commonwealth meet with their legislators on Capitol Square.

“We’re honored that Governor McAuliffe is able to speak to our members, especially at this particular event, said VAR CEO Terrie Suit, who is serving on the governor’s transition team. “The REALTORS® attending the conference are among our most politically involved and I’m sure will be looking forward to his address.”

The Get Active conference takes place February 11-13 at the Richmond Marriott Omni hotel. Visit VARealtor.com/getactive for more information, or click below to register.

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4 Responses to Terry McAuliffe to speak at VAR’s Get Active conference

  1. Alex says:

    This is absolutely awesome that Realtors in your area get involved with politics that affect their livelihood. If politics didn’t give me such a sour taste in my mouth I would probably love attending events such as these!

  2. Mack Strickland says:

    Alex is a fool. Everyone should be involved in the politics that effects their livelihood. I guess Alex believes in the ostrich theory, Stick you head in a hole and hope nothing happens to you. Not only should Alex get involved, Alex should contribute to RPAC or as I call it occupation insurance!

  3. Barbara J Smith says:

    Is it possible to attend the GET ACTIVE conference but not do the Day on the Hill? I cant be gone from town long enough to attend the full conference from 11-13. I would love to be there for just the evening events when our governor speaks to us. And Yes, I contribute ti RPAC regularly, like Mack said i is job insurance.

  4. Hi Barbara –
    You can attend the conference and just register for a single day. If you want to come just on Wednesday when the Governor speaks, participate in the afternoon and evening festivities, you can register online for $40 prior to February 3. You can register online at VARealtor.com/GetActive2014Registration

    Hope to see you there!

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