Two of the four “Success Stories” in this month’s edition of NAR’s REALTOR® Party News came from Virginia.

First was “Virginia Association Helps Elect 16 REALTOR Champions“:

In the fall of 2013, with the help of grants and services from NAR’s Campaign Services Division, the Virginia Association of REALTORS® got involved in 17 statewide elections, including the gubernatorial race — winning all but one. The 24,000-member association put their resources behind both Democrats and Republicans – all of them candidates who support issues important to the real estate industry.

And then “Hampton Roads (VA) REALTORS® Co-Host “Better Block” Effort“:

One weekend in early November 2013, the 3,000-member Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association [HRRA] co-hosted a block party launching a plan to turn a tired commercial/ residential area into a vibrant arts district. Using a $15,000 Smart Growth Grant, HRRA helped to pay for the “Better Block Weekend” including arranging for six vacant houses within a five-block radius to have open houses and creating a pop-up REALTOR® office in an empty storefront. The support and involvement of REALTORS there helped to create the exciting vision. Over time, with continued effort, that vision will become a reality.

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