What does the new generation of homeowners want?

Interesting find for your Friday…

Clear Voice Research surveyed a thousand homeowners to learn how they went about finding, choosing, and using a service professional — that is, a contractor.

It found some interesting things from what it calls “A New Generation of Homeowners” and put them in a rather large infographic.

Here are a few facts worth noting:

  • No matter what the age group, from 18 through 65+, “Referral from a friend or family member” was by far the most common way of finding a pro.
  • Television shows (e.g., HGTV) were a popular source of design inspiration for all age groups, but particularly 25-44 year olds, who also loved image-oriented websites like Houzz and Pinterest. Younger homeowners (18-24), though, were more likely to look at home magazines and speak to friends and family.
  • Communication: Everyone likes the phone; few people like texting (although it was slightly more popular with 25-34 year olds). In-person scored in the middle — although that 25-34 set would prefer e-mail.
  • Finding green alternatives for projects was most important to 25-34 year olds (not so much for 18-24 year olds, possibly because of the potential for additional cost).

There’s more from the study at the Home Industry Leadership Board’s website; click here to download it as a PDF, or click below for the (large) image.

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