The Environmental Protection Agency is considering whether and how to regulate renovation and remodeling activities in public and commercial buildings. To gather data, the agency is planning to send out a nationwide questionnaire to commercial-building owners, contractors, and tenants to ask about their renovation and remodeling practices.

On Feb. 4, the broad-based Commercial Properties Coalition — of which NAR is a member — sent a comment letter to the EPA regarding the proposed survey. It cautioned that that proposed survey appears to assume that lead paint hazards exist in commercial buildings.

“EPA is asking the wrong questions at this juncture. . . As a threshold matter, EPA must determine whether a lead hazard exists in [public and commercial buildings]. Routine maintenance and repair, painting, and other renovations are conducted on a regular basis in the public and commercial building stock. The critical question is not whether these activities are performed, but whether they create lead hazards.”

According to NAR, “EPA will now consider these comments and may refine its survey process and instruments as a result.”

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