Did you know that adjustable rate mortgages are “making a comeback”?

That’s what the Wall Street Journal says — but this time it’s different.

Now, though, financial executives say they are focusing on borrowers with strong credit who are using the loans to take out large “jumbo” mortgages—and not so-called subprime borrowers, who used the loans to stretch their buying power as far as it could go. [READ ALL ABOUT IT]

Did you know that Alexandria was named the fifth best downtown in America?

That’s what the folks at Livability said: “Cobblestone streets and century-old buildings evoke memories of the past, but anyone walking through Old Town will experience the area’s modern, hip vibe.” [READ ALL ABOUT IT]

Did you know that the wild winter weather made February one of the worst months for sales since 2012?

Says ABC News: “Sales of U.S. existing homes slipped in February to their lowest level since July 2012 as severe winter weather, rising prices and a tight supply of homes discouraged buyers.” [READ ALL ABOUT IT]

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