Three things to know for Thursday

Did you know that NAR joined Move (operator of in a lawsuit against Zillow?

After Errol Samuelson, former president of, “defected” to Zillow (to use Realtor magazine’s term), Move and NAR sued both Zillow and Samuelson for breach of contract, fiduciary duty, and misappropriation of trade secrets. [READ ALL ABOUT IT]

Did you know that a study found tight credit has resulted in 1.2 million fewer mortgages?

Here’s the kicker: That’s 1.2 million fewer loans than under 2001 standards — before restrictions were loosened and the sub-prime market began to inflate the housing bubble. [READ ALL ABOUT IT]

Did you know that found seller confidence rose significantly in February?

What that means is that more houses are going on the market. The National Housing Trend Report for February 2014 found 10.1 percent more were up for sale than the year before, “a sign of confidence in the gains sustained through the winter and an indication of a strong early beginning to the spring home buying season.” List prices were also up — 7.6 percent. [READ ALL ABOUT IT]

Now you know. (Remember: You heard it on VARbuzz!)

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