Three Virginia Realtors have made the final 50 of REALTOR magazine’s annual 30-Under-30 contest: Alex Belcher of Fredericksburg, Richard Bridges of Woodbridge, and Daan De Raedt of Arlington.

Here’s how REALTOR mag explains the contest:

Each May/June, REALTOR® Magazine features 30 rising young stars in the real estate industry. In determining who makes the 30 Under 30 list, REALTOR® Magazine staff looks for candidates who are successful in the real estate business and have demonstrated skill, success, creativity, and leadership in their careers.

Alex, Richard, Daan

Alex, Richard, Daan

These guys need your help! You can vote for each candidate once per day per IP address (meaning once per day per computer), so vote for them today, tomorrow, and every day until voting closes at 1:00 PM Friday, March 28.

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