Drone no-fly zones

We explained earlier that the FAA forbids commercial use of drones (sorry, “unmanned aerial vehicles”) without a license, and — in its interpretation — that includes Realtors.

But there are also some places where it’s illegal to fly a drone even for non-commercial purposes: near military bases, major airports, or national parks, for example.

Not surprisingly, that puts a lot of the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area off limits.

To help show where you can’t fly a drone, period, comes the aptly named website “Don’t Fly Drones Here,” which consists of an interactive map indicating those no-fly zones.

So while the general “commercial use of drones” rules might eventually change, you still won’t be able to photograph these areas from the air.

Much of the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area is a drone no-fly zone.

Much of the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area is a drone no-fly zone.








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  1. With more people and companies buying drones, it is very good to know the rules, regulations and no fly areas. Drones have many great uses and they are helping many companies save money on inspection and maintenance costs. UAVs are take some beautiful travel videos and a great way for a business to advertise and promote their hotel or resort.

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