New VAR Legal Hotline video: Application Deposits

Application Deposits Laura FarelyThe Virginia Association of REALTORS® Laura Farley discusses the VREB regulations that apply to application deposits prospective tenants pay when being considered for a property. Laura serves as the VAR Deputy General Counsel, monitoring regulatory bodies that effect REALTORS® in Virginia, staffing the Legal Hotline and teaching CE courses. She also serves as liaison to the Standard Forms Sub-committee and the Grievance Committee.

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VAR Legal Hotline for Brokers
The VAR Legal Hotline is a free, members-only benefit for brokers. You can receive answers to questions about Virginia real estate law and timely information on legal and regulatory issues concerning the real estate industry.Click here to learn more. The Legal Hotline provides legal information, not legal services. You should consult your attorney if you need representation or advice.

This video series is bought to you by the VAR Legal and Marketing and Communications teams.

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