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If you bought during X your house is likely worth Y today

This post is based on Harrisonburg and Rockingham County data — perform the analysis on your local market data to provide a similar guide to homeowners in your area…. The chart above is calculated based on comparing this year’s median … Continue reading

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Why are we waiting so long to order appraisals??

I have had five transactions thus far this year where this dynamic seems to be at play…. The diagrams above are not showing the new reality for all lenders — it is just a reflection of my experience with many … Continue reading

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When selling your home, be aware of these two sets of buyers

In talking to several potential clients this past week, I have explained that there are two sets of buyers we need to consider when preparing to list, market and sell your home. The first set of buyers – on the … Continue reading

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How does this home inspection process work, anyhow?

Here’s a reminder of how the typical home inspection process works in Virginia…. And a brief reminder of a few of the timing issues….. When completing a home inspection contingency (to the contract) a number of days will be filled … Continue reading

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Virginia home prices continue to fare well, comparatively

Source:  KCM Above you will see the state-by-state change in home prices over the past 12 months.  The majority of states (yellow, orange, red) have seen a decline in prices over the past 12 months — but not Virginia!

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More people are moving into Virginia than out

In another positive sign for Virginia’s economy and thus housing market, there seem to be more people moving into Virgina than out of Virginia. Of note, Virginia is one of only 9 states where this is the case! Source: KCM … Continue reading

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Buyers, keep a context for price in mind when making your super-low offer!

Perhaps it doesn’t always happen with such extreme price variations, but certainly you have had a seller who priced their home very competitively and then was shocked by an extremely low offer brought from someone locally.

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How Do Virginians Heat Their Homes?

Have you ever wondered how Virginians heat their homes? The Market Leaders Over Time:  Coal… Oil… Electric And for the graphically inclined…. Source:  U.S. Census  

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Is Homeownership For Everyone?

Several decades ago (and earlier) home buyers would wait to purchase a home until they had at least 20% of the purchase price saved up in their bank account, and they would only buy if they were going to stay … Continue reading


Home values will ALWAYS and ONLY go UP!

Here’s an interesting report from NPR telling the story of an employee of Freddie Mac who manages an online calculator that has (intentionally or unintentionally) been telling web users that home values will only go up! Read more from NPR: … Continue reading