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REALTORS® Have a Heart: Hampton Roads members assist hurricane victims

The Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association (HRRA) has given essential aid to neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Through their REALTORS® Have a Heart Flood Relief effort, HRRA members have worked tirelessly to deliver care packages, going door to door in the areas most severely affected by October’s Hurricane Matthew. Additionally, the Virginia Association of REALTORS® and HRRA, in coordination with the Partnership for Housing Affordability and the national REALTOR® Relief Foundation, offered direct financial assistance for housing relief to Virginians affected by the storm and resultant damage. HRRA got the message out to the community, membership, and the media through mass emails and social media efforts. Members played a critical role in building awareness of the resources by sharing information with clients, neighbors, and fellow members once the grant monies were made available. Over $60,000 in assistance was granted to dozens of residents, and HRRA members are still helping with ongoing challenges. Volunteers have offered not only supplies and assistance in recovery, but also the support and listening of true neighbors.


Read more here on the HRRA hurricane recovery effort, or contact Victoria Hecht at for more information. For information on the Virginia REALTOR® commitment to communities and housing opportunity resources, contact Jenny Wortham at


The world according to IKEA: Life at Home Report

IKEA_Life_At_Home_Report_3 COVER GRAPHIC

This is the third consecutive year that IKEA launched the Life at Home report, which looks at the home life of people all over the world. The report digs deeper into what actually makes a home for people. What ingredients form a home? And in this fast changing world we are living in, how is that “home” being redefined or reinvented?

No matter how we define what makes a home – connected to space, things, relationships or place – what’s important is that we reflect on how the changes in the world around us impact our lives at home. IKEA shares some insights on how people of today feel in their homes, what they need from their homes and how they create meaning in their lives at home. But as the world around us changes, so does our life at home.

Click here to download the complete report.


Virginia REALTORS® celebrate the success of partnering with Homes for Our Troops

The Virginia Association of REALTORS® (VAR) won recognition on Wednesday, May 18th, for the public relations campaign that announced our inaugural sponsorship of Homes for Our Troops. Honored at the 69th annual Virginia Public Relations Awards ceremony, VAR won the Community Relations Excellence Award for outstanding public relations tactics that were implemented as part of a larger public relations program. Our campaign to support Homes for Our Troops and to build awareness of the organization and REALTOR® partnership is a priority for VAR because it highlights the commitment of our members to finding the best housing for veteran and military families and for all Virginians. Through media relations, member messages, and strategic marketing, the Virginia Association of REALTORS® proudly promotes the impact of our 31,000 members.

With your commitment to Homes for Our Troops and communities throughout Virginia, and through your expertise and professionalism, we’ll keep making news. As you make homes a reality for veteran heroes and every Virginia neighbor, we proudly share your impact and celebrate together the meaning of being a REALTOR®.

To contribute to the Virginia REALTOR® partnership with Homes for Our Troops, click here. For more information on the partnership or the efforts to promote REALTOR® impact in every Virginia community, contact the VAR Director of Community Outreach.

VAR’s Anthony Reedy (far left), Jenny Wortham (center), and Carley Dobson (far right) stand with the President of the Richmond Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, Andrew Ryan, and Sara Hunt of Sara Hunt PR. Photo courtesy of Chip Brierre.

VAR’s Anthony Reedy (far left), Jenny Wortham (center), and Carley Dobson (far right) stand with the President of the Richmond Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, Andrew Ryan, and Sara Hunt of Sara Hunt PR. Photo courtesy of Chip Brierre.

Harrisonburg-Rockingham REALTORS® talk Millennial housing

REALTOR® tips and trends for Millennial homebuyers were recently featured on Harrisonburg’s ABC affiliate, WHSV Channel 3. Bob Hill, CEO of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Association of REALTORS® (HRAR) offered insight on what Millennial homebuyers should consider when preparing for a home purchase. He emphasized the importance of working with a REALTOR® to make a choice that is both emotionally fulfilling and financially sound. Watch the video here.

First time buyers may underestimate factors that could lead to buyer’s remorse if they aren’t considered carefully in advance.  According to 2016 VAR President Bill White, “There’s a lot of serious and mature soul-searching that goes into the decision to transition from renting to buying. Just like every house is built upon a solid foundation, working with a REALTOR® offers the foundation to reach one of life’s most memorable milestones—buying your first home.”

Important things to consider include financial readiness and lifestyle, distance to work and amenities, the cost of maintenance and utilities, schools, and convenience for children, family members, and pets.

For more information on VAR resources for market trends and statistics, contact Jenny Wortham, VAR Director of Community Outreach, at

REALTOR® associations contribute to regional planning tool

The VCU Center for Urban and Regional Analysis recently launched a sophisticated tool designed to shed light on regional development trends. The ‘MetroView’ tool was created with support from the National and Virginia Associations of REALTORS® (NAR and VAR), and the Richmond Association of REALTORS® (RAR). In addition to the university’s release describing the capabilities of this new system, Richmond BizSense has highlighted the debut. With comprehensive data from the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area that includes 18 separate jurisdictions, policymakers and professionals, as well as general consumers, will have greater insight on regional planning opportunities and challenges. According to RAR CEO Laura Lafayette, “On the one hand, MetroView provides the kind of detailed, geographically specific data and mapping that will enable users to make decisions about where to locate a housing development, a new business, etc. On the other hand, the trend analysis that is possible within MetroView will enable policymakers to have data-driven conversations about future growth patterns within the region.”

Click here to explore the region through MetroView.

Source: Spiers, J. (2016, February 1). New site from VCU shows Richmond from a ‘MetroView.’ Richmond Biz-Sense.

The Inman 101: Sasha Farmer of Montague, Miller & Company Realtors

Sasha-Farmer 101-InmanSasha Farmer is a residential Realtor and vice president of Montague, Miller & Company Realtors, a 100-plus agent firm that services Central Virginia. She runs a five-person real estate team, The Sasha Farmer Team, where she is the owner, team leader and listing specialist. Farmer speaks, teaches and coaches internationally, using her bully pulpit to advocate for best practices.

The Inman 101 includes rebels, CEOs, power brokers, misfits, deal-makers, newbies and innovators whose ideas and actions will influence the way homes are bought and sold. It is a diverse mix of new and seasoned; the high- and the low-profile; small and mega brokers; top producers and everyday agents; old school leaders and entrepreneurs — all of whom never stop doing.

The criteria considered in the selection process includes:

  • Did this person use her power to change her company?
  • Did this person use his power to change other real estate companies?
  • Did this person use her power to influence the industry as a whole?
  • Did this person make decisions that created change within the industry?
  • Did this person influence regulatory and legislative decisions improving real estate?
  • Did this person influence public opinion about the real estate industry?
  • Did this person create applications, programs, services, business models or technologies that have led to changes in the industry?
  • Did this person help improve the home buying, selling or renting process?
  • Did this person put the consumer first in their real estate business?
  • Did this person invent, introduce or build an entirely new business or technology that could disrupt the industry?

Click here to see the complete list.

Source: Inman


Richmond Association of REALTORS® in the spotlight

The leadership and ingenuity of the Richmond Association of REALTORS® (RAR) have been featured in local media recently.

In addition to the appearance of newly installed President Dawn Bradley on the Homes section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch with VAR 2016 President Bill White, RAR CEO Laura Lafayette has been recognized for her impact to the region with a nomination as Richmonder of the Year. Her commitment to affordable housing and her service to the REALTORS® and the greater community are profiled in the Times-Dispatch Business Section. A new marketing effort is drawing further attention to RAR and their “We Are the R” campaign. As Richmond BizSense covers, RAR is rolling out a series of posters that highlight local landmarks, promoting REALTORS® as local guides and experts in Richmond real estate.

PwC and the Urban Land Institute presents the Emerging Trends in Real Estate®

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® is a trends and forecast publication now in its 37th
edition, and is one of the most highly regarded and widely read forecast reports in the
real estate industry. Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2016, undertaken jointly by PwC
and the Urban Land Institute, provides an outlook on real estate investment and development
trends, real estate finance and capital markets, property sectors, metropolitan
areas, and other real estate issues throughout the United States and Canada.

Click here to download the complete report.

Americans are moving less than 50 years ago


According to new census data, Americans are moving less than 50 years ago.

Long-distance moves — from one city to another, out of state, across the country — are often moves made for jobs. Local moves, on the other hand, tend to be more about housing. We move from one address to another within the same city or county to get a bigger home, a better home, a home in a different neighborhood or school zone. Or we move for reasons like eviction or rising rent.


Source: Washington Post

5 Urban redevelopment trends in 2016

What emerging trends could derail the current push for urban redevelopment in 2016?

For now, there is still a strong movement focused on filling urban cores, and redeveloping older properties to increase density. This can certainly benefit local government revenues, and luxury developers who are able to squeeze more out of every lot. However, there could be a number of factors at work which could derail some of these projects, or at least weaken their appeal and profitability.