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Perhaps Jonathan Clements, a personal finance columnist at The Wall Street Journal, is also a chess grandmaster!? In a recent NPR interview, he spoke of a possible real estate stalemate . . . In the interview, Jonathan ponders “…are we … Continue reading

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Shiller, Yun, and Public Perception of the Housing Market

Three reasonable facts . . . These days (and perhaps always) consumer confidence plays a large role in the state of the housing market. Many buyers and sellers are fearful that home values are dropping precipitously, or will be soon. … Continue reading

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The Future of MLS . . . A Perfect Storm

At today’s MLS Forum, Michael Wurzer, of FBS (FlexML) characterizes the future of MLS as a “Perfect Storm” — with three storm fronts that are potentially shaping this future: Broker Consolidation, Web 2.0, and NAR vs DOJ. (1) Broker Consolidation: … Continue reading

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