New VAR Legal Hotline Video: Electronic delivery of HOA and Condo packets

Video 2015 HOA and Condo Issues _ Virginia Association of RealtorsThe Virginia Association of REALTORS® Laura Farley discusses the requirements for electronic delivery of HOA and Condo packets, as well as what agents can do if they have problems with an association. Click here to watch the video.

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Laura serves as the VAR Associate General Counsel, monitoring regulatory bodies that effect REALTORS® in Virginia, staffing the Legal Hotline and teaching CE courses. She also serves as liaison to the Standard Forms Sub-committee and the Grievance Committee. “I studied regulatory law in law school and love having the opportunity to monitor what DPOR and other government agencies are doing so VAR can make sure our members know about changes that will impact them.”

This video series is bought to you by the VAR Legal and Marketing and Communications teams.

Video Killed the Open House Tour?

The featured Active|Rain video blog today is an interview between Joel Burslem and Doug Heddings. Doug discussed his tremendous success using video tours for his listings. He uses a professional videographer who tapes and edits the videos at a cost of approximately $300-$500 each.

What really caught my attention was Doug’s description of HOW to make a video tour. He NEVER once mentioned promoting himself! If you watch one of his video tours, you never even see him (just an arm or two as he opens and closes doors). Doug then describes “acting” in the video just as if you were showing the house to a buyer. He is relaxed, at ease and very good at “showing” the property.

In Doug’s videos, he not only shows you the property from top to bottom, but also the sites around and convenient to the property. He describes how easy it is to access the George Washington Bridge from one of his properties, shows the butcher and cafes within walking distance as well as the area parks.

It’s almost like popping a client in a golf cart and whisking them through the neighborhood and touring the sites and even, sounds of the neighborhood.

Last week, I purchased a Vado camera for video blogging. Now, I don’t see myself putting together a quality presentation like Doug’s with this camera. But, I do see possibly adding video of the schools assigned to a particular listing, the area parks, the neighborhood recreation center, etc. I plan to start small and grow with it.

I agree with Doug, in the big picture of things (no pun intended), $300 isn’t a lot for a quality video tour. I would rather spend $300 on a great tour than sit for hours upon hours at open houses with just a few walk-ins. Nothing can replace that person-to-person communication, but if a video tour gets viewed hundreds of times, doesn’t it make sense to do a video before sitting an open house? Will video tours kill open house tours?